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About us


Brief story of suham


While being involved in the Christian ministry as Padre and Educationist, in India, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, I found between 1962-75, that people were generally not able to respond to truth and freedom in life. I discovered that most Christian disciples and people of other faith too had suffered in life from childhood abuse, emotional damages and cultural inhibitions as well as negative influences of the environment.  

Religious, cultural or educational orientations had not adequately made an impact on the lives of these people whom I encountered. People often expressed that they needed some confidential and competent Counselors to help them out of their life related emotional, psychological and economical difficulties.


So My wife Marie and I while pastoring in the churches, helped people overcome their family difficulties and emotional problems. In course of time more and more people started coming, seeking help in dealing with serious problems like violence in the family, suicidal tendencies, separations, divorce, alcohol dependency and so on. The work exposure I had in Singapore among prison inmates, ex-drug abusers, alcohol extremists and their families stood me in good stead in my counseling efforts.    


First stage:

After the completion of our overseas mission we returned to India to establish the Suham (healing) services in 1989.  I began my work in schools and colleges for students and teachers as well as for parents. I was informed of the good results of reconciliation between Teachers and students resulting in proper motivation to educational pursuits.

Later on our work expanded to Church committee members and Pastors and Christian workers. We were specially involved in encouraging good Husband and Wife relationship in families.   Such involvement was extensive and rewarding for us.

Second stage:

In 1997 here in this little town of Vellore, having specialized in Life Enrichment Educational Consultancy we opened a SUHAM clinic for individual counseling which has been received well by Christians and people   of other faith too though a people generally are very conservative about such alien approach. So, we rented a house and used part of the house for the Clinic which provided a home atmosphere. Even during nights women and children enter our clinic for counseling, without hesitation.

Third stage:

 I was requested by many friends and post graduate level students from all over India to offer a course that would equip counselors. So we were led to establish the SUHAM institute in 2000.  We set up this work in a rented use with library facility, a lecture hall, a room for an animator clinician, and separate rooms for the consultant and secretary. Many House wives and men, pastors and burnout missionaries found a right place in their separate need and have availed of our services.


Counseling is the need of the hour in these desperate days. About a century ago medical help was the need, later education was the need of India, social uplift was the felt need of the last fifty years. But now Counseling is the greatest need of the community and we should respond to this need and lead people to find SUHAM (healing).


Our vision is to equip sufficient discipling counselors who will efficiently reach out to troubled persons who in turn will be able to multiply discipling counselors in every community in India.


Teaching of life value principles

Rehabilitation of a total person into a healed life

Training of persons to become actualized reproducing Leaders

Our Faculty
  • Academically, Postgraduate calibre,

  •   Practically, adaptive, effective, personnel,

  •   Empirically, trained pedagogues

  •   Theologically biblical



We share our expertise to revive every institution through seminar teaching

We sharpen leadership qualities by individual clinique and group training

We enrich the life style of families by retreats and conferences

We provide class room teaching to create a new and clean generation of youth




This center  trains counselors to meet the challenges of crises that rural and urban communities face, with a vision to multiply counselors to reach all India. The head of every institution shall be trained as a counselor to help others to find inner healing while maintaining a well balanced emotional and spiritual life. The idea is also to eliminate backsliding in life's pursuits.